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Best Smartwatches for Fitness Enthusiasts in 2024


In-built GPS: Whether one is a runner, a cyclist, or a hiker, tracking distance, pace, and route are key considerations. Look for a watch with in-built GPS to assist in keeping your location specifically without having to use your phone.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitor the heart rate to provide valuable insights into the intensity of your workout and recovery progress. Continuous monitoring of heart rate enables one to train in certain zones of the body to optimize fat-burning or cardiovascular endurance.

Activity tracking: Keep track of how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, or how many minutes you are active to stay on your feet every day.

Sleep tracking: You will know what your sleeping entails and its effects on your health and fitness. Smartwatches can do it automatically: duration, stages, and even quality insights.

Water Resistance: You should consider a water-resistant smartwatch if you intend to go swimming, take showers, or even just want to use it in places where the watch is exposed to water. There are different ratings in water resistance, and it is a measure of how deep a watch can survive. Smartphone Connectivity: It gets paired with your smartphone easily such that alerts get through, too, for exercise control, music control, or syncing to fitness apps for progress check-ups.

Battery Life: Particularly relevant to endurance athletes and those with a daily training routine, battery life can be a critical feature. Aim for a capability that will at least match you and your typical activity cycle.

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