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7 Best Crypto Coins for Long Term in 2024 – Disrupt Africa


The world of money is changing fast, and cryptocurrencies are a new way to invest that could shake things up. This article is your guide to crypto for tech-savvy investors who want to secure their future.
We’ll explore 7 of the most exciting cryptocurrencies, all picked because they have a good chance of doing well in the long run. These carefully chosen cryptos use cutting-edge tech, are stable, and have clear plans for the future, making them great choices to add to your 2024 investment strategy.
Get ready to unlock the potential of digital assets and change your investment portfolio for the better! This article will help you understand the ever-changing world of crypto so you can make smart choices to grow your money over time. Jump on board and take advantage of the huge opportunities in this growing market!
7 Best Crypto Coins for Long Term in 2024

5thScape (5SCAPE): Pioneering VR gaming with advanced technology and a robust ecosystem.
DarkLume (DLUME): Innovating emerging markets with cutting-edge technology solutions.
Dogecoin (DOGE): Meme coin popular for its strong community support and celebrity endorsements.
Toncoin (TON): Promoting decentralized internet access with connections to Telegram.
eTukTuk (TUK): Leading developments for green initiatives in transportation. 
Shiba Inu (SHIB): Meme coin thriving on its fun loving community.
Pepe (PEPE): Leveraging cultural impact and community power in the meme coin market.

1. 5thScape (5SCAPE)
Founder: Anoj Kumar
Year: 2024
Market Cap: $52.11 million (expected upon listing)
Future Prospects: 5thScape integrates virtual reality (VR) and gaming, positioning itself as a pioneer in the immersive gaming space. The project has raised $6 million in funding and aims to revolutionize the gaming industry with its advanced VR hardware and expansive game library by offering experiences like MMA Cage Conquest and Thrust Hunter. 
5thScape plans to attract a broad user base of gamers and investors. Its innovative use of VR technology and robust ecosystem development promise significant long-term growth potential for investors. The token’s expected market cap of $52.11 million at listing reflects strong investor interest and confidence in its future​​.

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2. DarkLume (DLUME)
Year: 2024
Current Market Cap: Currently in Presale
Future Prospects: DarkLume is recognized for its cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to emerging markets. Cryptocurrency focuses on solving specific technological challenges, which positions it uniquely in the market. Plans for strategic partnerships that could encourage wider adoption are encouraging for its prospects in the future. 
As the project continues to develop its technology and expand its partnerships, investors can expect significant appreciation in value. DarkLume’s approach to addressing real-world problems with innovative technology makes it a solid choice for long-term investment.

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3. Dogecoin (DOGE)
Year: 2013
Current Market Cap: $10.6 billion (as of June 2024)
Future Prospects: It began as a meme coin, a lighthearted cryptocurrency based on a popular internet joke featuring a Shiba Inu dog. But Dogecoin has defied expectations and evolved into a major player in the cryptocurrency market.
There are a couple of reasons behind this rise. First, Dogecoin fosters a strong sense of community. This friendly online environment has fueled Dogecoin’s growth. Second, Dogecoin has gotten a boost from celebrities like Elon Musk. These endorsements brought a lot of new people to Dogecoin and helped it gain mainstream awareness.
Another advantage of Dogecoin is its affordability for everyday transactions. This makes it a more practical option for small purchases, which could be a game-changer for its future adoption.
4. Toncoin (TON)
Year: 2018
Current Market Cap: $2.5 billion (as of June 2024)
Future Prospects: 
Toncoin wants to use the knowledge of the Durov brothers, who started Telegram, to make the internet less controlled. Toncoin gets a lot of new users when it works with Telegram, which makes it useful for decentralized apps. Being able to grow and be safe makes it a good long-term investment. Toncoin is likely to grow as more people look for decentralized internet services. This means it’s a good time to buy.
5. Shiba Inu (SHIB)
Year: 2020
Current Market Cap: $6.4 billion (as of June 2024)
Future Prospects: Shiba Inu, like Dogecoin, is a fun and lighthearted digital currency. But it’s become more than just a joke! They’ve built a whole system around Shiba Inu, called ShibaSwap. This system allows people to trade Shiba Inu easily.
Shiba Inu also has a big group of supporters who are really into it. These fans help Shiba Inu grow and improve. Because of this ever-increasing popularity and the new features they’re adding, Shiba Inu could be a good investment. Imagine if Shiba Inu became super popular and even more helpful—its value could increase!
6. eTukTuk (TUK)
Year: 2024
Current Market Cap: $1.7 million
Future Prospects: eTukTuk aims to make transportation cleaner and greener. They collaborate with electric vehicle businesses to provide environmentally friendly transportation. As more individuals throughout the world become concerned about environmental issues, eTukTuk has a huge opportunity to expand. As more people seek environmentally friendly modes of transportation, eTukTuk’s innovative ideas and collaborations with other businesses will help them prosper, making them an excellent long-term investment.
7. Pepe (PEPE)
Year: 2023
Current Market Cap: $2.896 billion (as of June 2024)
Future Prospects: Pepe coin, inspired by a popular meme, has had a profound cultural impact on the cryptocurrency community. Its community-driven activities and potential for expansion in the meme coin market make it an appealing investment. 
Maintaining and increasing community engagement will be critical to its long-term success. Pepe’s strength comes from its ability to tap into popular culture and create a loyal following. Its strong community support and cultural importance position it well for future expansion and increasing value.
If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency in 2024, this diverse group offers exciting possibilities. With strong funding and a developing ecosystem, 5thScape stands out for its innovative VR gaming world. For those interested in bridging the technological gap, DarkLume tackles challenges in developing markets, fueled by strategic partnerships. 
Dogecoin’s strong online community and celebrity endorsements make it a practical choice for everyday transactions. Toncoin, connected to Telegram, promotes decentralized internet access. Shiba Inu boasts its own online marketplace, ShibaSwap, and a passionate community. 
eTukTuk focuses on the hot topic of sustainable transportation, while Pepe leverages the cultural impact and community power of the meme coin market. With such a variety, you can diversify your portfolio and capitalize on the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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