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Morningstar Investor Review: Pros & Cons Deep Dive • Benzinga


Morningstar offers various investment ratings and tools to help you craft a  portfolio that suits your long-term investment goals and needs. Some of the primary tools include: 

The Five-star Rating System 

Morningstar’s rating system is hugely popular in the investment community. It helps investors quickly assess the performance and risk of various investment options, enabling informed decision-making and portfolio optimization. 

The 5-star rating is based on a complex mathematical analysis of a fund’s historical risk-adjusted returns compared to its category peers. It considers historical performance, volatility, and expenses over a specific timeframe to determine a fund’s overall rating. 

Typically, this system divides funds into categories, with each fund’s rating relative to others in its category. For instance, a 5-star rating for a fund signifies that it ranks among the top 10% for risk-adjusted returns. The next 22.5% of funds in that category will receive 4 stars, while the subsequent 35% gets 3 stars, and so on. 

Again, this involves a purely mathematical model.  Nevertheless, it provides a dependable method to gauge a fund’s historical performance relative to the risk level investors assume when buying it. You must, however, understand that past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and the rating should be considered alongside other factors when making investment decisions.

Analyst Insights and Picks — The Morningstar Medalist Rating 

Unlike the Morningstar Rating for funds, the Medalist Rating is qualitative, forward-looking and not derived from mathematical models. It stems from unbiased analysis, commentary, and profound insights on mutual funds and ETFs by Morningstar’s team of independent analysts. 

The analysis encompasses the fund’s performance, management team, and investment strategy. Funds are rated Gold, Silver, Bronze, Neutral, and Negative based on these factors. Higher ratings indicate greater analyst confidence in the fund’s potential to outperform over a market cycle. 

Conversely, Neutral and Negative ratings signify a lack of analyst certainty in the fund’s performance outlook. This also includes summaries of analysts’ top investment picks categorized by investment type and financial objective. 

The Medalist Rating can help you quickly identify funds with solid track records and potential for future outperformance, guiding your investment decisions effectively.

Comprehensive Stock Analysis

One of Morningstar Investor’s most attractive subscription features is its profound stock analysis. This includes a high-level summary showcasing crucial indicators and exclusive Morningstar ratings, such as Fair Value, Star Rating, and Economic Moat Rating, plus independent analyst research and insights. 

The Fair Value Estimate indicates Morningstar’s estimation of a stock’s intrinsic value compared to its current market value. Given prevailing market conditions, this indicator can help you determine whether a stock is overvalued, undervalued, or reasonably priced.

There are numerous data tabs available, each covering a range of topics such as:

  • Morningstar fundamentals (last price, fair value, uncertainty, 1-star price, 5-star price, economic moat, capital allocation)
  • Sustainability 
  • Fair value assessment 
  • Analyst notes
  • Trailing returns (daily, monthly, and quarterly increments)
  • Key stats (i.e., growth, valuation, financial health, profitability)
  • Financial statements 
  • Operating performance 
  • Dividends and splits
  • Ownership (by fund and institution)
  • Executive team    

While this data is readily accessible on brokerages and stock research websites, Morningstar Investor’s platform offers comprehensive analysis and insights beyond these essential data points, providing a deeper understanding of market trends and investment opportunities.

Insightful Analyst Reporting

Morningstar Investor’s quote pages and company reports are valuable resources that offer in-depth research and actionable insights. The quote page, or main hub of information when you search for a specific investment,  summarizes Morningstar expert analysts’ perspectives and provides detailed insights into companies’ strengths, weaknesses, and growth prospects. 

For quote pages with analyst coverage, Morningstar’s experts create forward-looking evaluations of investments, comparing them to their Morningstar category and benchmarking for context and comparison. That way, it becomes easy for investors to quickly understand the current state of the business and its future trajectory through the report. Quote pages’ main areas of focus are:

  • Analyst Notes
  • “Bulls Say, Bears Say” 
  • Business Strategy and Outlook
  • Financial Strength
  • Economic Moat
  • Fair Value and Profit Drivers
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Capital Allocation 

From each investment’s quote page, Morningstar Investor subscribers can also access company reports, which distill key investment details such as growth rates, profitability analysis, medalist ratings, close competitors, and more.

Again, these features are available on most online brokerages and investment websites, but Morningstar Investor provides a deeper level of analysis and insight, enhancing your understanding of the business’s current status and future potential.


Morningstar Investor’s powerful Portfolios tool is designed to streamline your investment management process. It lets you track all your investments in one place, providing a comprehensive overview of your portfolio’s performance. You can easily monitor asset allocation, sector exposure, and individual security holdings to ensure your investments align with your financial goals.

The tool offers insights into your portfolio’s diversification and risk profile with charts and key data points that reflect your investment decisions. With detailed performance analytics and benchmark comparisons, you can evaluate your portfolio’s performance against market indices and industry peers. You can also create your own custom views to see only the criteria and data points that matter most to your investing strategy.

When paired with the watchlist feature, the Portfolios  tool lets you directly compare assets you already own with their potential replacements. Leveraging the aggregated data, you can then make better investment decisions.

The Morningstar ® Portfolio X-Ray ®

The Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray® is a sophisticated portfolio analysis tool that provides in-depth insights into your investments. It peels back your portfolio’s makeup of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, uncovering vital  overlaps you might have overlooked, especially in funds with extensive holdings. 

X-Ray uses mutual funds’ quarterly SEC reports to more accurately determine asset allocation. This is vital because your apparent overall asset allocation may mask a significant overweighting in a specific stock or category, potentially reducing returns and increasing risk.

The X-Ray tool also offers insight into fees, expense ratios and your overall strategy. This strategy may be high-yield income or speculative growth, depending on your goals. 

Evaluating diversification, sector concentration, and style exposure can help you identify potential risks and opportunities. This analysis can also help you make informed decisions about rebalancing your portfolio to align with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. 

Furthermore, X-Ray’s performance attribution lets you optimize your portfolio for better risk-adjusted returns and long-term success in your trading endeavors.  The Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray® tool presents data in an easy-to-read pie chart, making it appealing, especially for those who prefer graphical representations over text-only formats.

Screener for Funds and Stocks

Morningstar Investor’s fund and stock screener is a powerful tool for identifying investment opportunities based on your specific criteria. You can filter stocks by hundreds of data points that span Morningstar ratings, valuation, performance, profitability, dividends, and beyond. This customization allows you to narrow your search to find assets that align with your investment goals and risk tolerance while enjoying the validation of Morningstar ratings. 

When screening for mutual funds and ETFs, Morningstar’s ESG function is especially notable. This unique investment screening tool lets you select funds that satisfy the ESG criteria and their specific minimum Morningstar ratings. Multiple pre-built screens are available based on our analysts’ criteria if you need help finding your next best investment.

Moreover, Morningstar’s professional analysts provide dependable ratings and valuable company insights. Access to curated research straight from the source rather than headlines is a compelling reason to use the Morningstar Investor service. Analysts can, of course, be wrong, but Morningstar’s unique approach to research simplifies complex topics and company profiles in a way that facilitates fast investment decision-making. 

Morningstar Pricing

Morningstar is very transparent about its pricing. The platform charges investors $34.95 monthly to use its Morningstar Investor advanced service. This service encompasses research and data for investment management, ideas and market trends. This monthly subscription amounts to $419.5 annually, which is quite expensive. 

A cost-saving approach involves opting for the $249 annual subscription package, which saves you 41%. Thanks to the platform’s $50 affiliate discount, the annual subscription is further reduced to $199 if you use Benzinga’s referral link

Still, other lucrative annual discounts are available. For instance, verified students and teachers are charged $25 and $99 for the service, and verified military personnel pay $175. These discounts are applicable tonew users only.

Morningstar Investor offers a 7-day free trial, during which you can access all of their investment research and ratings, such as lists of investment ideas such as top-performing ETFs and the best foreign bond funds to buy. You can pay and continue your subscription if you find the services beneficial. 

Morningstar charges no fees other than the subscription fees however, the platform reserves its in-depth research and analysis for paid subscribers. 

For instance, with a paid subscription, you can access the report detailing Morningstar’s methodology behind fund star ratings, get fair value estimates for your chosen investment and more. 

Furthermore, you’re given access to the platform’s list of investment ideas, including top inflation-fighters, top-performing ETFs and the best foreign bond funds to buy. Combining this idea with other research data lets you pick the funds, bonds and stocks that suit your investment goals. 

Morningstar Supported Assets

Morningstar prioritizes effective asset allocation, low-fee investment vehicles, and identifying investments with a track record of consistent returns. That’s why it leans into fundamental analysis, which evaluates an investment’s financial performance compared to its market price to identify whether it’s undervalued or overvalued. 

This is a long-term approach best suited for value investing. This philosophy is evident in Morningstar’s offerings, where low-fee ETFs and mutual funds constitute a substantial portion of its  600,000+ investment assets alongside stocks and bonds

The platform is renowned for its in-depth analysis and evaluation of these assets, allowing investors to understand each asset’s performance, risk factors, and potential returns. You can leverage this knowledge to build a well-diversified portfolio tailored to your investment objectives and preferences.

Customer Service

You can contact Morningstar’s support team via email or phone at 866-229-9449 to ask questions about its service offering or resolve account setup issues. (If you’re located outside of the U.S., call +1 (312) 384-3838.)  The  support team will attend to your needs during business hours (8AM–5PM Central). An equally efficient approach is to navigate to the help center and search for answers to your query.The help center boasts comprehensive article details on getting started with the platform, its features, essential tools and more. 

Morningstar Investor User Experience

Morningstar Investor provides an excellent user experience thanks to its beginner-friendly interface on both the web and its mobile app. The layout is well-organized for easy access to information, contributing to a positive user experience. Signing up takes less than three minutes, and you can explore the  tools, research, and analysis for seven days to see if you like them before paying. 

Morningstar User Benefits

Morningstar’s platform offers you several benefits as an investor. It empowers you with comprehensive financial analysis and research, helping you make informed investment decisions. You also gain access to tools for portfolio management, risk assessment, and asset allocation, enabling you to optimize your investment strategy.

Additionally, you can track market trends and receive timely updates, which helps you stay informed and react to market changes effectively. Moreover, Morningstar’s educational resources and expert insights enhance your understanding of investment concepts and market dynamics. The platform’s user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility ensure a seamless and convenient investing experience.

Morningstar Security

Morningstar understands the importance of robust online security in a dynamic digital environment where underworld cyber actors have become increasingly sophisticated. The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to safeguard information at rest or in transit across its network, preventing unauthorized access to user’s personally identifiable information and other sensitive data. 

It fully complies with all data protection laws in all its operational jurisdictions, ensuring that user data is protected and privacy is upheld. Morningstar will never sell or share your data with a third party except if consent is given in line with judicial orders. You can review the company’s privacy policies to learn more. 

Overall Rating

Suppose you’re a value investor or you actively manage your portfolio. In that case, you need quality investment research, data, and expert analysis to excel in the financial markets long-term. Morningstar Investor delivers that. It is one of the most globally reputable investment research providers. Morningstar publishes some of the most insightful research and reports for investors, especially for mutual funds and ETFs, thanks to its expert team of independent analysts.

Its data-driven five-star rating system leverages historical investment information. When combined with other tools on the Investor platform, this rating system can help you make informed investment decisions through comprehensive risk assessment. If you’re approaching retirement, Morningstar Investor can also be a great resource for retirement planning tools to turbocharge your retirement investing. 

Although you might consider the service pricey, if you’re seeking trade ideas, one helpful tip from Morningstar Investor can pay for itself many times over. Of course, like all investment tips, there’s no guarantee of future returns. But Morningstar Investor’s resources can help you make informed trading or investment decisions. It is also all about philosophy. Morningstar leans toward long-term fundamental analysis. So, if you’re a day trader, you’re better off with services focused on short-term charting and price movements. 

Morningstar vs Competitors

Morningstar Investor has many powerful competing investment analysis platforms, including Motley Fools, Bloomberg, and Zack’s Investment Research. 

Morningstar encourages a hands-on approach, requiring you to independently reach conclusions on potential investments by leveraging its resources. Motley Fool might be a better choice if you want a similar level of analysis at more affordable pricing and with someone to provide the conclusion for you.

That said, Motley Fool lacks the resources for in-depth investment analysis. Instead, you get monthly stock picks through lengthy reports. In essence, Motley Fool offers a one-off service at a fraction of Morningstar’s pricing. Morningstar’s annual subscription price is just the same as Zack’s premium—$249. 

The thing is, each company has its priorities. For instance, while Bloomberg focuses on ongoing daily market news, Morningstar prioritizes long-term trends. 

That said, your choice will depend on your investment philosophy and pricing.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


Morningstar is a reputable and trusted source of investment research.


It depends on your investment needs. Morningstar provides high-quality investment research, data, and expert insight, which can help you make efficient investment decisions, especially if you are actively managing your portfolio.

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