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XRP Suffers, Yet Optimism Prevails: Expecting Major Price Surge by 2024


Within the vast cryptoverse that often dazzles with its dramatic growth performance, the digital currency XRP finds itself beleaguered by considerable burdens. William Morgan, a prominent attorney with a reputation for rooting for XRP, paints a sobering contrast to the broader market’s exuberance. Despite witnessing an alarming depreciation in its value vis-à-vis Bitcoin and a solid 88% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, Morgan never shies away from projecting an optimistic outlook for the digital currency.

In a noteworthy commentary, he signified the tribulations that XRP has grappled with, particularly over the past year. This period, ironically, had brought legal clarity predicted to bolster the investor faith in XRP. “Do you recall how last month, folks had been hopeful that XRP had weathered the storm, that it had halted the relentless slide against Bitcoin?” Morgan pensively posed, “Sadly, it appears that our optimism was misplaced; there’s been a further deflation of nearly 84% in the past half a year.”

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This downturn has unfortunately demoted XRP as one of less successful cryptocurrencies, outclassed by the performance of 88% of the top 100 coins in terms of market capitalization. Morgan, proving the gravity of the crisis, quantified it with hard data. He stated that the XRP-to-BTC exchange rate perches at a lowly 0.000007383 BTC, a marked decrease of approximately 84% in the preceding six months.

Moreover, the digital asset is beleaguered further by trading below its 200-day simple moving average, a parameter often employed to gauge long-term market trends. But, braving these grim signals, Morgan’s faith in XRP remains unflinching. When queried about his enduring positivity towards XRP, he likened it to a nearing-completion bridge. “You can’t trust a bridge to carry traffic until it’s fully completed,” he observed, implying that XRP’s latent potential will only manifest once the XRP Ledger’s development concludes and the ongoing lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission reaches a resolution.

Amidst the dwindling hope, Egrag Crypto, an apparently unwavering crypto analyst, sees a light at the end of the XRP tunnel. In his most recent analysis, Egrag discerned a promising pattern in the monthly candle formation, earmarking a significant price surge on the horizon. Remarkably, the prior month’s candle displayed a 75% Inverted Hammer Formation at its base, which, in crypto jargon, is a potent bull sign signaling the exit of sellers and a rising strength of buyers.

Emphasizing this pattern as a signpost indicating an impending price increase, Egrag forecasted XRP hitting the $0.75 price point, with July 2024 being a critical juncture. “This formation is a harbinger of a bullish trend that could shoot XRP to $0.75 in no time,” Egrag optimistically heralded, “July 2024 would be memorable for the XRP community!”

Currrently, XRP stands at a modest $0.5286, registering a slight 0.65% decline within a day’s time, but those like Egrag implore the XRP community to hold onto patience and optimism. Egrag precisely calls for “THOR’S HAMMER” – a simile for an anticipated surge overpowering all resistance – to join the party. Even as XRP struggles to resurface above its 200-day $EMA, the XRP community looks out for the slightest glimmer of hope on this rollercoaster ride.

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